Places in Dubai you need to cross with a Yacht


Dubai, the grand city sits along the coastline of beautiful Persian Gulf, this very spot is the land of yachts, the ultimate home and its very unlikely that you wouldn’t give yacht a try. Catch the stunning skyline of Dubai Marina on whichever yacht suits you. Below are the places and rides you definitely need to try.

Places in Dubai you need to cross with a Yacht

The Buttery Yachts

This ride gives it all to the travelers, families, couples, friends and more. Anyone who is up for adventures. This speedy thrilling ride lasts for 30 minutes and if you look for relaxation rides than they last for 45 to 90 minutes. It takes you towards the classics like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeriah and more. This way you can catch the beautiful skyline of Dubai and guess what? With no traffic.

Go on Dubai Dinner Cruise and explore Arabia Horizons

If you wish for something sweet and romantic Dinner cruise is the answer. You can dine in the city in various ways. You will have several options for your guest list and enjoy Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and even the great traditional dhow cruise Dubai. Go for either 5-star menu and enjoy the international classic food. Slide through the beauty and enjoy the city with fancy lights, fountains and unlimited beauty.

Dubai Ferry

Places in Dubai you need to cross with a Yacht

Dubai Ferry is the part of public transport in Dubai. However, these ferries are used by tourists and more explorers. They run several times in a day with different locations and places one must see. These yachts come up with unique modern designs, special snack bar and even wheelchair spots. You will get to choose between Gold and Silver Class Ticket, depending on your level of comfort. These ferries come under budget too. One gets to see some great views, the best and most iconic spots like Palm Jumeriah, Burj Al Arab and more.

Party Cruise in Dubai

Places in Dubai you need to cross with a Yacht

If you come Dubai and not party, did you even come to Dubai? A party on yacht is the best of all. You can get the best ones, yacht Charter Dubai. Cross the Persian Gul and catch some great glimpse of World Islands, Burj Al Arab, The Atlantis and more. Choose your favorite yacht depending on what size of luxury do you prefer. Feel like a movie star and get on the ride.
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